Spiritual Consulting with Selena J

A Private session with Selena J is available for those seeking spiritual development and personal transformation. Each session takes place in person and includes an Intuitive Reading, subtle Energy Healing and Spiritual Life Coaching and guidance specifically to help you fulfill your best and highest destiny.

If you’d like to book just an Intuitive Reading without the Spiritual Life Coaching, phone-only readings can be booked separately below as well.

Please Note: 1) Your session must be purchased in order to secure your appointment, and 2) If there is a waiting list, your session may be between 2-6 weeks out depending on availability. Please e-mail using the form at the bottom of the page or call 314-441-6929 for availability.

To schedule an appointment, 1) Submit A Request for Appointment using the form at the bottom of this page and please include in your e-mail the times and days that work best for you. 2) Purchase your Session using the ‘Book your Session’ button below. You may also call 314-441-6929 to schedule appointment and/or book session.

60-Minute Phone Session - $75 For the Month of December (Reg. price $100)

60-Minute In Person session - $100 For the Month of December (Reg. price $150)

90-Minute In Person Session - $200

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive readings are solely for the purpose of assisting you with self-discovery, inner healing, personal growth, and transformation. The information accessed and offered comes from pure love, light, and wisdom through clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant senses.

Each session is loving, gentle, and accurate. During a reading, Selena reads your energy fields using her developed spiritual senses to help translate your energy for you. She sees where you currently are in your life, what you’re in need of, what your blocks are and what your next steps should be in order to move towards your best and highest self/path in life. 

Essentially, she receive messages, clarity, and answers from loving divine intelligence in order to get answers to questions on your behalf. When you have clear questions that are strong in your vibration, she can hear or see them and answer your questions without you having to speak them. There is time at the end of the session to verbally ask questions as well. If you’d like an intuitive reading apart from the Spiritual Consulting Session, a 60-minute Intuitive Reading is available by phone only and can be booked by clicking the button below.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an alternative approach to balancing and restoring the ethereal body’s natural state of wellbeing. During each guided meditation session as well as each Spiritual Consulting Session, Selena uses a combination of energy healing techniques on a subtle level that assist the guests in removing energy blocks which raises their vibrational frequency. This is taking place through the vibration in the healing space itself that has been prepared for your arrival, the music, and the words and tones used when communicating with you. Selena is certified in Pranic Healing and is attuned to Sekhem‑seichim‑reiki, also known as All Love and has an entourage of angelic helpers and ascended masters who are present and assisting with the energy work. When you’re in the same space as a healer, especially where the healing work takes place, energy healing on a subtle level is inevitable. It is the universal law of resonance.

Booking Procedure

1. Using the form below, e-mail the times and days for your session.

2. Book (purchase) Your Session using the ‘Book Your Session’ button at the top of the page or call 314-441-6929 to schedule and book.

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You may schedule your appointment by calling 314-441-6929 or submit the form above with the days and times that work best for you.