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The purpose in the work that I do is to serve as a spiritual guide to help you understand your life from a higher spiritual perspective, which in turn will help you alleviate suffering.

If followed, the intuitive guidance given during a session will help you transfer power from your lower self to your Higher Self, which in turn leads to a life of joy, peace and fulfillment.

I work with individuals who are serious about transforming their lives and I only receive information for and about you that helps you accomplish this.

Below is the booking procedure and more information about what to expect during a private session.

Booking Procedure:

1) Your session must be purchased in order to secure your appointment.

2) To schedule your appointment time, submit the times and days that work best for you via the form. This can happen before you purchase your session if you prefer.

3) Please note that there is usually a waiting list for in-person private sessions. Phone/video sessions are usually available within 1 to 2 weeks, while in-person sessions can be anywhere from 1 to 2 months out depending on when you book your session.

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Single Session Pricing for In-Person or Phone/Video

30-Minute Phone Session $70

60-Minute Phone Session $90

60-Minute In-Person Session $150


A private session consists of an intuitive reading, subtle energy healing and spiritual advising.

As an intuitive energy healer and spiritual advisor, I specialize in helping people transform their lives by using higher sense perception also known as ESP (extrasensory perception) to read your electromagnetic energy field.

Your energy field is where the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, desires and experiences of your ego-self are held, as well as your soul’s higher desires and purpose. I receive this information psychically or intuitively.

Every human being has psychic abilities aka spiritual senses that give them information on a subtle vibrational level (some call it intuition, inner knowing or a gut feeling), however, accessing and using these senses is a matter of developing them; which is what I have been subconsciously doing over the course of my life, and intentionally over the past 6 years.

I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient-dominant telepath which means that I see and hear within my mind the dominant thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires that are in your mind, also known as your energy field.

Intuitive Readings

The intuitive readings that I do are solely for the purpose of assisting you with self-discovery, inner healing, personal growth, and spiritual development.

During a reading, I intuitively see, feel, hear or otherwise know what your challenges and objectives are and how to help you fulfill your highest purpose. Through images, words and sometimes feeling impressions, I receive both general and specific information about you and your life that is dominant in your energy field. I access both the lower egoic self of your person (your programmed self) as well as the higher spiritual Self of your soul (your spiritual/true self) and receive the messages, guidance and clarity that will best serve and assist you in fulfilling your best and highest path and destiny.

As the reading progresses, I receive the spiritual guidance for you that will help you progress and elevate yourself within your mundane life and spiritual path. When you have clear questions that are strong in your vibration, I will usually answer them without you having to speak them. There will be time at the end of the session to verbally ask questions and for further processing what was brought up during the reading. Each session with me also includes subtle energy healing, which is described below. 

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an alternative approach to balancing and restoring the ethereal body’s natural state of wellbeing. For each guided meditation session as well as intuitive readings, I use a combination of energy healing techniques on a subtle level that assists you in removing energy blocks which raises your vibrational frequency which helps you feel a greater sense of peace.

The energy healing takes place through resonance, meaning, the vibration that I’m holding in my being, as well as the vibration in the healing space, the music, and the words and tones used when communicating with you is transferred to you energetically. When you are communing with a healer, energy healing on a subtle level is inevitable. It is the universal law of resonance. 

I am a certified Pranic Healer and attuned to Sekhem‑Seichim‑Reiki. I also work with higher dimensional beings known as Archangels, Lightworkers, Ascended Masters and Ancestors of the highest frequency of Source energy. 

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