The Meditation Lounge is a spiritual, non-religious, member-based self-mastery space for individuals seeking personal transformation through spiritual development. We offer Live Guided Meditation Sessions twice a week and spiritual consulting via private sessions with clients. 

Through Guided Meditation Classes, Intuitive Readings, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Advising, we help people discover who they are, what their purpose is, and how to live it everyday of their lives.

Members and guests of the Meditation Lounge receive ongoing guidance, support, and compassionate care from our community of lightworkers while also enjoying the process of transforming their lives in a safe and sacred space with an experienced intuitive healer and meditation guide.

Our Mission

The Meditation Lounge is here to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and sacred space to heal from emotional wounds, discover your highest path and purpose in life, develop your spiritual senses, and to practice a conscious/spiritual lifestyle in a community of diverse, loving, and spiritually aware/awakening people.

Our Guided Group Meditation Sessions

The weekly Guided Group Meditation Sessions take place twice a week and provide a warm tribal community of support. Each class creates the space for you to experience expanded states of conscious awareness that assists you with your inner healing, spiritual awakening, and purposeful ascension throughout this life into self-mastery. The freedom and joy of connecting with one's own divine spiritual self is something difficult to describe using the limitations of the english language, so it's something best experienced. One can spend decades searching the external world for what can easily be found within one's own inner being during focused time within one's own inner Self. 

With the intuitive care and inner guidance offered during our live guided meditation sessions, you can be transported into the inner chambers of your heart and soul to discover your highest path to inner peace and fulfillment. The live guided group meditation sessions create the opportunity for you to explore your inner world to see what blocks and other obstacles are in the way of your joy in life and to experience the bliss of your true being by helping you shift your consciousness beyond the thinking mind and into your higher self.

For those that wish to stay after the guided meditation experience, we transition into a Q&A Group Spiritual Advising Session where we discuss any and everything pertaining to personal growth and spiritual development, meditation, activation of your spiritual senses, affirmations, visualization, spirituality, and self-mastery. Each class is different and each person will have their own unique experience. 


Simply put, meditation is the state of oneness with Infinite Intelligence, aka Great Spirit, God, The Most High, Cosmic Consciousness, The Universe, etc. Meditation is both a tool for personal transformation as well as the state of being known as bliss. The word 'meditation' is used to describe both a spiritual practice and a vibrational state of presence-being. To experience meditation is to experience oneness - which is a blissful, awe-inspiring, and unconditional love that arises from within one's own inner being.

During a meditation experience, you transcend the endless chatter of the mind and enter into a deep rest that leads to heightened states of spiritual awareness, aka Cosmic or Christ Consciousness. This shift in consciousness can lead to mental clarity, spiritual revelations, inner and physical healing, peace, joy, and an overall feeling of renewal, wellbeing and balance.

Hundreds of scientific research studies have revealed that a regular meditation practice produces countless mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits including a decrease in stress, physical ailments, and a greater sense of joy and satisfaction in life as you align with the source of your being.