Meditation Classes

Journey Meditation

Journey Meditation is a guided group meditation class that leads you to a place of deep relaxation, inner peace, healing, clarity, and higher spiritual consciousness for total life success. You learn how to visualize and create your desired state of being both on and off the mat. It's a truly refreshing and magical experience that over time becomes a transformative experience.

Every Sunday from 4pm to 5pm with Selena J

Midday Meditation

Sometimes you just need a peaceful place to retreat to in the middle of the day to recharge and regroup. This 40-minute guided journey meditation class literally melts stress, boosts your brain power, increases your ability to focus, clears confusion, enhances your creativity, and of course, centers you within yourself! 

Every Tuesday and Thursday 12pm to 12:40 pm with Selena J 

Affirmation Meditation

It's true! Your thoughts create your reality! During this class, Selena J uses imagery and positive affirmations that re-program and align you with your best and highest self. If you've been struggling with fear, pessimism, self-esteem, body image, relationship issues, financial woes, or any negative and self-sabotaging thought patterns, this class will transform that stinkin' thinkin' into a powerhouse of positivity and leave you feeling ah-may-zing!

Every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm with Selena J

Private Meditation Sessions

A customized guided meditation experience designed specifically for you and your present needs. Throughout the experience, you are releasing stress, clearing old energy blocks, opening your heart, aligning chakras, and expanding creativity - all while learning how to relax through breathing techniques, postures, and other suggested practices for home. This is excellent for those who may feel stuck in life, seeking inner healing, and would prefer one on one time and attention addressing your specific needs. 

Meditation Parties

Gather your family and friends for a private group meditation experience! Enjoy a 60-minute guided meditation session as a group, and then enjoy food, beverages, and socializing after. Mini-Energy healing and spiritual insight readings are also available after the meditation at a discounted rate. 


Yoga Classes

Relax Release Yoga

A very gentle, restorative yoga class that consists of various stretches for the total body. Great for stress relief, stiffness, soreness, or anyone who hasn't exercised in a while and wants to get the oxygen flowing to help your body heal and restore itself. Restorative Yoga not only helps the body relax and release toxins, it also assists with mental clarity, spiritual alignment, and inner peace. The stretches you learn in class can be used at home on a daily basis as a preventative or restorative practice. Open to all levels.

Every Saturday from 9am to 10:15am with Raquel

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a method of expanded awareness through physical postures, breath, and meditation. It is a powerful but safe form of yoga that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It soothes the soul, balances the mind, heals the body and brings release from stress and through renewed vitality. Take a deep breath and join us. Open to all levels.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 7:15pm with Phoenix Amrita

Yin Vinyasa Flow

Yin is a very calming, deeply meditative practice, that allows for greater flexibility through the spine and hips to facilitate a deeper meditation practice. It releases energetic blockages as well as releasing tension within the deep connective tissues of the body. Our practice begins with a flow of postures to warm the body up, and then deeply held seated postures to allow for quiet meditation and reflection at the end of class. Open to all levels.

Every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm with Phoenix Amrita


Sunday Morning Vinyasa

Sunday Morning Vinyasa is a vibrant, breath-centered, and meditative yoga class that builds strength, balance, and flexibility in your whole being. The movements build a lot of heat and encourage inquisitive and intelligent movement. While learning traditional practice, also expect to enjoy play and dance-like sequences. Open to all levels. 

Every Sunday from 10am to 11am with Carly

Private Yoga 

Enjoy your own private yoga class customized specifically to your needs. Excellent for those who want a more personalized learning experience. Call to book your session!


Yoga Parties

Gather your peeps for a private group yoga class! Call to book your session! Perfect for introducing friends and family to yoga, or as a unique outing with a group of your best buds. Call to book your party!