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The following services are available for both members and non-members seeking inner healing, self-discovery, personal growth, and transformation.

Spiritual Consulting/ Transformational Life Coaching

Selena J is considered a transformation specialist. She represents the Pluto planetary energy that helps create deep and lasting change within the lives of those she helps. The goal of transformational life coaching is to help you get on and easily maintain your path of passion, purpose, and power so that you can heal, transform, and master yourself from the inside out. The focus is always holistic and the purpose is always to help you establish and maintain a purposeful life of inner balance, peace, love, light, and joy through self-mastery. Selena J intuitively guides and gives you practical steps, tools, techniques, and strategies for your life that, if applied, will completely transform your life in beautiful and amazing ways. 


60-Minute Sessions - $150

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive readings are solely for the purpose of assisting you with self-discovery, inner healing, personal growth, and transformation. The information accessed and offered comes from pure love, light, and wisdom through clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant senses.

Each session is loving, gentle, and accurate. During a reading, Selena reads your energy fields using her developed spiritual senses. She may see and/or hear scenes from your past (usually childhood or previous circumstances that remain strong in your vibration), what's currently going on with you and your life, and instructions about what your next steps should be in order to move towards your best and highest self/path in life. 

Essentially, she receive messages, clarity, and answers from loving divine intelligence in order to get answers to questions on your behalf. When you have clear questions that are strong in your vibration, she can hear or see them and answer your questions without you having to speak them. There is time at the end of the session to verbally ask questions as well.


60-Minute Sessions - $150

30-Minute Sessions - $75

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an alternative approach to balancing and restoring the ethereal body’s natural state of wellbeing. These sessions can be conducted using guided imagery, Pranic Healing, and/or hands-on energy healing using Seichim/Sekhem Reiki.

During a session, healing energy is gathered and focused through the nervous system of both the practitioner and client, and works to adjust blocked, dense, or excessive energy in the chakras - where all discomfort and dis-ease in the mind, body, and emotions originate. Most clients report feeling a lot of heat and/or vibration coming from the healer's hands. 

During a Pranic Healing session, you will be standing or sitting on a stool while the healer clears and energizes the various energy centers in the energy body to help alleviate physical pain and/or discomfort in the mind, body, and emotions. This is a no-touch healing modality, however clients can usually feel the energy blockages being removed or pulled out during the cleansing of the chakras, and prana being poured in during the energizing. It's pretty awesome.


60-Minute Sessions - $150


If you don't know what kind of session you should book, choose this one. Selena will start with a reading to find out what's going on with you and how to best help you from there. Your customized session may include any combination of services.


60-Minute Sessions - $150

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