Guided meditation for embracing the dance of consciousness and yourself as light. Inner eye activation. Bathe in serenity. Recorded October 2017 at the Meditation Lounge St. Louis with Selena J. Thanks for participating! Enjoy!

Recorded in August 2017 at the Meditation Lounge St. Louis. For the first 2 minutes of the recording I'm still up walking around and so there's a bit of microphone noise until I sit down. My voice also relaxes once I get seated. Thanks for participating! Enjoy!

23-minute meditation excerpt from our 10/29/17 Journey Meditation experience at the Meditation Lounge. I wanna take you on a short trip away from this reality for a bit. Wanna go? This is a clip from a live Journey Meditation class (10/29/17) to assist you with moving forward in your life, trusting your path, and trusting yourself.

This studio recorded Inner Heart Healing Guided Meditation flows in a purposeful format that gradually takes you through various levels of relaxation, conscious awareness, and ultimately, into your inner heart for observation, exploration, and release. This is not a meditation to 'listen to' rather, one to experience.

This channeled guided meditation takes you on a journey through consciousness beginning with the essential mindfulness and breathing exercises to induce a relaxed state of being, followed by an opportunity to make peace with the past and heal the 'little you.'

This 9-Minute Guided Meditation is a snippet from the UNRAVEL 60-minute guided meditation. This clip is for cleansing your chakras and energy field, clearing your mind, expanding your aura, flowing through life with ease and grace, being flexible in your concepts, being open to change, adaptability. Affirmation: My mind is a peaceful stream.

Guided Mindfulness exercise for creating mindbody awareness and connection to the breath to prepare the mind, body, and breath for meditation.