Our standard live guided group meditation classes offer a 'learn while you practice' experience that assists you in achieving a deeper state of meditation with each session. Many people who find that they cannot achieve a meditative state at home, are able to during our guided meditation sessions. One sign that you are meditating is the absence of mental chatter and a feeling of absolute inner stillness and peace. 

What To Expect

The instructor begins each experience by leading you through a brief breathing exercise to help your brain waves shift from beta to alpha. From there, guided imagery is introduced to continue relaxing and shifting your consciousness.

Gradually, participants find themselves entering into an inner space of deep stillness and peace as the mind is guided into theta, which is the brain frequency associated with meditation and out of body experiences. The entire experience is created through the tonality of voice in the instructor, carefully selected words and images, and meditative music. It is our hope that what you learn in session, you will also apply at home for your ongoing spiritual ascension. 

Classes are usually full so advance registration is required. Please sign up in advance to ensure your seat.

Click here to learn more about how to prepare for class and proper Meditation Lounge etiquette.


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Journey Meditation

Every Sunday from 4pm to 5pm w/ Selena J

During this session, Selena J uses her abilities as an intuitive to assist each participant in the raising of their vibration for the purpose of inner healing, spiritual awakening, and ascension. This is more than a guided meditation, this is a group energy healing and activation session that empowers you as the healer of your life by teaching you how to visualize working with light and imagery for the purpose of cleansing, clearing, and elevating your vibrational frequency. The journey is different each week.

Please Note: Class size is limited to 15. Please sign up in advance to ensure your seat.

Affirmation Meditation

Every Thursday from 7pm to 8pm w/ Selena J

It's true! Your thoughts create your reality! During this class, you will be guided into a positive mindset through the use of guided imagery and positive affirmations that help you re-program your mind, body and emotions to align with peace, balance, joy, abundance, and beyond.

If you feel stuck, unhappy, or unclear about your path in life, this class is certainly for you. If you've been struggling with fear, pessimism, self-esteem, body image, relationship issues, financial woes, or any negative and self-sabotaging thought/emotion patterns, this class will transform that stinkin' thinkin' into a powerhouse of positivity that leaves you feeling ah-may-zing and on track to transforming your life and mind for good! 

Please Note: Class size is limited to 15. Please sign up in advance to ensure your seat.